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Socrates: In Kalam of Allama Iqbal

  Socrates was born in 469 BC and lived through the golden age of Athens. In the early years he saw military service, but then he took to the philosophical and mystical way. He adopted the dialectic way of teaching. In his talks with the people he would ask simple...

Allama Iqbal - Dr. Annemarie Schimmel

Buddha: In Kalam of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal – By Prof. M. Hassan

  The original name of Buddha was Siddharta Gautama. He was a prince who renounced luxury and took to asceticism. After contemplation for several years, he found enlightenment, and came to be called Buddha (enlightenment). Thereafter the rest of his life was devoted to teaching of path to enlightenment. Buddhism stands...

by Lady Ottoline Morrell, vintage snapshot print, January-March 1935

Portrait of Allama Iqbal at National Portrait Gallery London

  National Portrait Gallery London is regarded as the world’s greatest Museum dedicated to Portraits. It hosts a wide range of artifacts, from portraits of Royal Family to digital drawings by Julian Opie. The Gallery also hosts BP Portrait Award which is considered the most revered annual portraiture competition.   The above...

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Moses: As in Kalam of Allama Iqbal

Moses led his people, the Israelis from Egypt to the Promised Land. As narrated in Quran, Israelists were able to cross the Red Sea, but the forces of the Pharaoh which pursued them were drowned in the sea. In the valley of Sinai, Moses had a vision of God and he...

Painting Detail of Javid Namah by Jimmy Engineer 2

The Making of Javid Nama by Dr. Allama Iqbal

Javid Nama [also Javed]: Dr. Allama Iqbal’s greatest masterpiece in Persian. In the summer of 1927, Iqbal opened his notebook and recited some verses to Syed Nazeer Niazi, the nephew of his Sialkot teacher Mir Hasan and a frequent visitor. The verses, as Iqbal himself would later describe them, “came...