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Allama Iqbal (علامہ اقبال): Articles, Poems and Iqbaliat.

by Lady Ottoline Morrell, vintage snapshot print, January-March 1935

Portrait of Allama Iqbal at National Portrait Gallery London

  National Portrait Gallery London is regarded as the world’s greatest Museum dedicated to Portraits. It hosts a wide range of artifacts, from portraits of Royal Family to digital drawings by Julian Opie. The Gallery also hosts BP Portrait Award which is considered the most revered annual portraiture competition.   The above...

Painting Detail of Javid Namah by Jimmy Engineer 2

The Making of Javid Nama by Dr. Allama Iqbal

Javid Nama [also Javed]: Dr. Allama Iqbal’s greatest masterpiece in Persian. In the summer of 1927, Iqbal opened his notebook and recited some verses to Syed Nazeer Niazi, the nephew of his Sialkot teacher Mir Hasan and a frequent visitor. The verses, as Iqbal himself would later describe them, “came...


Javidnama: Prayer and Prologue

Prayer The human being is ever craving for company in this seven-colored world, O Lord! Where is a companion for the soul? Let this world descend from my sight, the way sun and moon descend beneath the horizon; let a day appear before me that does not belong to the...

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Javidnama: Authors, Credits and Table of Contents

Javidnama Muhammad Iqbal Retold by Hina Tanvir Edited by Khurram Ali Shafique Contents Prayer Prologue Long, long ago… A lonely evening The Spirit of Time Chapter 1: Stopping by the Moon A friend of everyone Sarosh The valley of the prophets Chapter 2: The living spirits of Mercury Two reformers...

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Chronology of Life of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s influence and contribution to political identity of Muslims of South Asia as well Urdu and Persian Poetry remains unrivaled even today. No other poet influenced the politics of his times by proposing the idea of Pakistan and at the same time unraveled the mystical concept of Khudi....