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It could be anything from Lahore Food to Delhi Architecture to Mirza Ghalib’s Poetry to Manto’s Fiction. Or perhaps South Asia’s Economic & Development Issues, Indian Venture Capital, Rabbi Shergill’s Concert or Jhumpa Lahiri latest book reviews. If you still cannot get inspiration, why not browse our site for more ideas. Anything original will be considered.

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PS. We will also love to hear from ex-Editors or Contributors of The Ravi and The Gazette magazines of Government College University Lahore [GCU]. See below the list of Ravi Editors. If you are one of them and interested in getting your throne back, we need you here!

List of GCU Lahore’s Magazine ‘The Ravi’ Editors [1901 – 2012]


ان سب کے نام
جن کا عشق اور جن کے اشک

سنگ و خشت کی ایک عمارت کو گورنمنٹ کالج لاہور کا نام دے گئے


List of GCU Lahore's Magazine 'The Ravi' Editors 1901 - 2012

List of GCU Lahore’s Magazine ‘The Ravi’ Editors 1901 – 2012