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Personal Training & Exercises: Report of Pakistani Market

Dilchusp Sargarmain: Urdu Article by Ubaid Sahil

دلچسپ سرگرمیاں جنہیں ضرور کرنی چائیں۔ عبید ساحل   انسانی زندگی ایک مسلسل اور لافانی سفر کا نام ہے۔ ہم زندگی میں ہمیشہ آگے بڑھتے...

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Back to the Game by H. Nasir

  Back to the Game by H. Nasir An essay on the strained cricketing relations between Pakistan and England, written on the eve of the November/December...

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The Street Fighter – By M.Murtaza

  It is a typical Pakistani household. A 7 year old is watching the TV screen very intently. He is watching a cricket game. The...