Alam Lohar and Arif Lohar: Keeping Folk Punjab Alive

arif lohar and alam lohar


Alam Lohar and Arif Lohar are artists that Punjab, the fertile land of 5 rivers, is known for.

Alam Lohar was truly a people’s artists , a true ambassador of Punjab, who with his powerhouse vocals and trademark chimta energized his audience like no other.

Hailing from Lala Musa near Gujrat, Pakistan, Arif Lohar brought his father evergreen tracks such as Jugni to the masses. Jugni as part of his collaboration with Meesha Shafi brought Jugni to the mainstream music. A true and worthy successor of Alam Lohar, carries on the beautiful tradition of Punjab. Arif has performed in more than 50 countries across the world and was awarded Pride of Performance Award from Government of Pakistan-the highest civil award in Pakistan.

Below is a selection of some excellent tracks by Alam Lohar and Arif Lohar to download and enjoy, with compliments and permission of


Alam Lohar Songs 

 Jugni 10.8MB 6:31

 Saif-ul-Malook 26.1MB 17:46

 Awwal Nam Allah Da Layeey 4.4MB 7:02

 Ai Arab Diya Sultana  7.10

 Be Niaz Be Parwah

 Es Duniya De Mehfil

 Ranjah Majhian

 Layi Be Parwah Nal

 Ki Bharosa Dam Da

 Muhammad Diyan Ki Tarifan [Naat Sharif]

 Sohni Jinnan Dilan De Andar Punjabi  (3:40)

 Chuk Sohnia Parda (5:04)

 Dunia Chalo Chali Da Mela (4:27)

 Laee Beqadran Naal Yaari (3:05)

 Mirza Jatt (5:09)

 Wah Rangia Tere Rang (4:20)

 Heer Te Ranjhe Di Mulaqat (7:17)

 Mahiya (4:25)

 Mirza (7:10)

 Saif ul Muluk – Live Version (6:13)



Arif Lohar Songs


 Jugni (Original Version) 4.6MB

 Ishq Da Charkha 10MB

 Salle Ala Nabi [Darood Shareef]






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