Javid Nama: Allama Iqbal’s Persian Masnavi translated in English Prose

Written by Hina Tanvir. Edited by Khurram Ali Shafique. Paintings below by Jimmy Engineer


Chapters of Javid Nama

Prayer & Prologue

  • Long, long ago…
  • A lonely evening
  • The Spirit of Time

Chapter 1: Stopping by the Moon

  • A friend of everyone
  • Sarosh
  • The valley of the prophets

Chapter 2: The living spirits of Mercury

  • Two reformers

Chapter 3: The perils of Venus

  • The assembly of ancient gods
  • The tyrants and the Mahdi

Chapter 4: The Martians

  • The wonderful world of Mars
  • The astronomer
  • An enchantress

Chapter 5: Around Jupiter

  • The wayfarers
  • An interview
  • Satan

Chapter 6: The dark hell of Saturn

  • The Ocean of Blood

Chapter 7: Beyond the skies

  • The Paradise
  • The kings and the houris
  • God

To Javid and future generations



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