Sada Chirian Da Chamba: The Poignant Punjabi Folk Song for Rukhsati

tufail niazi

Muhammad Tufail Niazi

Saada Chirian Da Chamba Ve
Babbul Assan Udd Jaana,
Saadi Lammi Udari Ve
Babbul Kehrhe Desh Jana


Sada Chirian Da Chamba is a popular Punjabi folk song that is often sung at the Rukhsati event of Punjabi Weddings, which is the departure of Bride to her new home.


Sada Chirian da Chamba is a tale of sadness and tears as it affirms that our human abode is like a temporary nest of sparrows, and all of us leave it one day.


The song has strong Sufiana undertones as all of us leave this ephemeral world and it is indeed less permanent than a a sparrow’s nest.


This Kalam was made popular by Tufail Niazi, one of the most authentic of Punjabi Sufi artists.


Download Sada Chirian Da Chamba by Tufail Niazi here [courtesy of].






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