Faslon Ko Takalluf Hai Hum Se Agar: Naat by Qari Waheed Zafar


Qari Waheed Zafar

Faslon Ko Takalluf Hai Hum Se Agar by Qari Waheed Zafar: One of the greatest Naat Sharif


Faslon Ko Takalluf Hai Hum Se Agar remain one of the beautiful Naat, which was on number 2 on the list of 40 Best Naat Sharif ever. It has soulful verses, about the sentiments of a pilgrim who is tried physically, yet his heart is driving him to reach his destination, Medina Munawara.


Faslon ko takaluf hai hum se agar

Ham bhi be-bas nahin, be-sahara nahin


If distances try to be pretentious to us

We are no helpless, nor are we without any support


Khud unheen ko pukarange hum door se

Raaste mein agar paoon thak jaenge


We will call Prophet SAW for help from far

When out feel get tired walking on long path to Prophet SAW


Jaise hi sabz gumbad nazar ayega

Bandagi ka qareena badal jayega


The moment I see my green dome of Medina Sharif

Obedience will show itself at a different level


Sarr jhukane ki fursat milaigi kisse

Khud hi aankhon se sajde tapak jaenge


Who will have time to bow head

Our obedience will reveal itself from eyes from tears


Hum madine main tanha nikal jaenge

Aur galiyon main qasden bhattak jaenge


We will roam in Medina alone

And intentionally  lose our way in its beautiful lanes


Hum wahaan jaake waapis nahin aenge

Dhoondte dhoondtey log thak jaenge


One in Medina, we shall not return

Searching for us, our folks will grow tired


Naam unka jahaan bhi liya jaega

Zikr unka jahaan bhi kiya jaaege


His name, wherever is quoted

His remembrance, wherever is performed


Noor hi noor seeno mein bhar jaega

Saari mehfil mein jalwey lapke jaenge


Noor and more noor will fill our chests

His spiritual manifestation will scatter in entire gatherings


Ae madiney ke zaayer khuda ke liye

Dastaan-e-Safar mujhko yoon mat suna


Dear Visitor of Madina, for Allah’s sake

Do not tell me narrative of Medina like this


Dil tarap jaaega, Baat barh jaegi

Mere mohtaat ansoo chalak jaaengey

My heart will melt, and love will spill out of control.

My love will spill in form of tears from the eyes


Unkee chashm-e-karam ko hai iski khabar

Kis musaafir ko hai kitna shauq-e-safar


His [Prophet’s] merciful eye knows all

That how much effort and passion each travellers have gone through to reach Medina


Hum Ko Iqbal Jab Bhi Ijaazat Mili

Hum Bhi Aaqa [S.A.W.] Ke Darbar Tak Jaenge


Whenever we are given Prophet’s permission, O Iqbal

We will visit darbar of Muhammad SAW in Medina.


Download this beautiful Naat Sharif in voice of Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi here [with compliments and permission of TheSufi.com].


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