Foxit Reader 9: Freeware Review

Foxit Reader 9

Foxit Reader 9


With the arrival of better and lighter alternatives for reading PDF files, Adobe PDF reader is almost obsolete now.

Most modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge has pdf viewer built-in by default so you don’t need a dedicated tool for opening PDF files

However there are many other functionalities for which a dedicated PDF reader is deemed very useful

There are several alternatives for Adobe PDF reader but after evaluating 5 different Software available as in 2017, we believe Foxit Reader 9 software is the easiest and most feature friendly among them all

The latest version of the software allows several quick key commands for example you can click on key ‘V’ to select and ‘H’ for Hand. Search shortcut options are available within the preferences menu, but disabled by default

Another need feature in the latest Foxit 9 is the Reflow option. For any documents which are wide horizontally Foxit reader 9 adjusts the width of the document window in a single column so did you say don’t have to scroll horizontally to read the text

The software is available for Windows 7, XP, 8 and 10 as well as Linux. File size is approximately 51 megabyte so this is a big software, which is our only gripe however the speed of actual PDF opening is blazing quick and makes up for this.

Another new feature in the latest PDF reader is ability to add a Bleed Mark at the corner of the document which shows the boundary of document when you are printing, as well as other options for adding digital signature too.

Download free Foxit Reader 9 software here.



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