Poem – Warrior Of Light: A Tribute to my Mother By Ahmad Rayees

Poem – Warrior Of Light: A Tribute to my Mother By Ahmad Rayees


Mother, Oh mother, you are my guardian angel, epitome of love.

All mothers are precious to their children, she’s the goddess of life

And my mother is my everything , she’s is the light of my eyes

Without her I will not exist, without her I will not sustain

My mother is the most courageous woman of our valley

She’s is the most ferocious , most beautiful angel of this paradise

Like the torrential waters of Jhelum, she went beyond the mountains and valley for truth

She’s is not afraid of anything or anyone when it comes to protect her children

Come soon mother the home is desolated in your absence

Reminiscence of your caring persona , your touch , your smell ,

Again and again resonating the sense of loss and sense of vacuum

Now we are the orphaned lambs of the meadows lost without our shepherd

When will you be back mom , Eid is here Muharram is gone

Years are passing in gloom without you in our life

Our screams are suppressed our pain is been ignored and forgotten

Our prayers, our shrines are vandalised by pellets and bullets

But your voice echoed in us , your shadow loomed around us

Your infinite love and compassion for humanity is our strength mother

You keep the promises of tomorrow , fighting injustice alone in the dark cell

Your persistence your determination is the vast silent Himalayas

Tall as the heavenly seraph slayer of evil, hold us in your encompassing wings

Mother you are my rock, you are my sword and shield

Mother come for once, make me sleep inside your warm “Phiren”

Make me sleep next to your heart, the pot of red embers.


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