Freedom : Poem by Sana Fatima on Pakistan’s Independence Day 

Freedom : Poem by Sana Fatima on Pakistan’s Independence Day 


Under brutal tyranny of the others

For years and years

Millions of races

Mercilessly suffered

Marginalizing those who wouldn’t obey

Who dared to speak

Who dared to say


Chopped right off the necks

Tore apart right in between the legs

For how long we suffered

The unimaginable

Worst of the worst

Nobody knows

No one can imagine even the ounce

One ounce of pain

Of one night’s one instance

Where the last sight his eyes saw

Was a pointed gun to his beloved

The last thing he heard was a gunshot

The cold flesh hanging in his arms




And what for ?

To raise his hands to his God

Against those all

To send his lowest whisper

To God’s mighty throne

To complain to contemplate

That was the crime

Their heinous sin

Where was the light

God promised in his books

Where was the freedom

Man was born with

His Unconditional asset



Under this dark bloodshed

A rose bloomed

A man called Ali

He didn’t raised an arm

No threats no violence

No not even his voice

He talked logic

He raised a point

And unbelievably this man

Won all the hearts

Millions of blessings



He won

The present the future

Heavens and rewards

Along with some mortal angels

He rewrote the pages torn apart

Of glorious days we had lost

Of free air we used to breath

Of this free poem that I wrote

Without any fear

Of being harmed by someone



No fear of others

No burden at heart

Carefree nights and our own art

With this beautiful piece of land

To finally call our home

Our own home

To live in our home freely

To die in our home’s lap

He won it, we won it



Though on the road to freedom

To reach the dream Iqbal saw

We still have miles to go

Before we sleep

Miles to go, before we sleep.





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