A Broken String: English poem by Sana Fatima

A Broken String

Oceanic Curls
Greenish blue
Bright clear waters
And Foamy shores
Loud gushes – Chaotic
Blowing towards
The direction of time
The fourth dimension
Drowning in the midst
In ocean scorch
A child.
Helpless, Impotent.
A child refusing to grow
A child refusing to know
Grappling to survive
In opposite direction

Gasping, Thrashing
Mighty waves
Horrible storm
No one to call
All alone
In midst of globe
Dazzling sun right above
Furious ocean, hasty waves
A voice in head
No other options
Grow !
Flow with my compulsion
In my direction
For time is the truth
Break your dreams
Shatter your castles
Like everyone else
Off your guard
Grow !
Grow into adult
No turning back
Be indifferent

Mold your existence
Negate your presence
Throw away passions
Listen to the world
Be one
Of many
Grow my child
Poor kid alone
Against the order
Set from start
Protecting his heart
Refusing to know
Refusing to grow
And then…
A thunderbolt.
As none has seen before
Raucous thunderstorm
Blast in sky
Blazing Scene, invisible

An incident
An accident in life
Pin drop silence
Ocean serene
Calm breeze blew
Over timeless corpse
Dead child, Grown adult
A Functioning wheel
Inside a clock
A normal world
End of imagination
Rubble of castles
End of superpowers
Acceptance of the real
One of many
A dead child
A breathing adult
Oh so perfectly normal
A sane individual
Flowing in time

Directed towards the end
A broken string.


Farblos Artem
May 28th, 2023





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