Impacts of Social Media on Society : By Hameed Khan

Impacts of Social Media on Society : By Hameed Khan


Social media is the source of connection, awareness, information and online way of sharing ideas, campaigns, political ideologies and for protesting. Social media impacted today’s society in many ways. It brought people very closed to talk with each other. People from all over the world uses social media to make call, video calling and online chatting to share their ideas about their education, business, politics and their life. In today’s society the impaction of social media plays a very important role, because people raise their voices, making protests against those who violate the laws of society. The purpose is to  bring check and balance in their respective societies.

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It is used for online businesses, like selling products using different pages in Facebook and groups in WhatsApp. Different advisements of different products from shops, markets and other sources are shared on social media to attract their customers. Social media brought awareness in the people of society to raise their protests against those who made them deprived of their basic rights like education etc. People in society uses it as a source of electronic media, it brought people against those political leaders who made the civilians deprived of their basic needs, and use social media to raise the voice for fulfilling their needs. Social media in society is also considered as the agent of socialization. People read different people posts, way of sharing their ideas from which civilians learn how to be adjusted in that society.

Social media impactions on today’s society is much informative, and  important as it is. People in this critical situation of covid-19 through all over the world and in all the societies of the come closed to use  social media for their earning. Politically addressing to public social media is used by politicians. Business men, students, civilians, and all the people in societies used social media to earn their life savings. Social media brought each and every person who uses it, that might be impacted and benefited from it. Social media impactions on today’s society has a number of ways that has impacted society both internally and ideologically.


Hameed Khan, GCU Lahore

Hameed Khan [Govt. College University Lahore]



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