An Orchestra of your Vocals: Poem by Muneeb Tahir Saleemi

An Orchestra of your Vocals: Poem by Muneeb Tahir Saleemi


In an unnamed Island

We are lost

I fancy  that you sing for me

And you just did

Surprisingly it was

An abrupt start without vocables

Without dress rehearsal

No autotune

Neither chorus

Nor noodling of any musical instruments

But still that is toothsome

To my mind

Better than one who serenades

Outside his lady’s window

I am just listening

To the orchestra of your vocal chords

Your words are dancing

Around my ear

And they are so clear

To be not mondegreen

The Greatest MAESTRO pepped you

From the sky

The Mermaid has stopped her singing

Of trapping a sailor

To hear you

The Sun intensed his rays

Blessing you with footlights and

To have a theatrical touch

The sea has calmed its waves

The branches of trees are having

A goosebump

The leaves of trees are falling down

As a sign of bowing down

Even those who were hibernated

Are awaken by this beautiful rendition

Linnet is craving to have

A duet with you

The nightingale  are envying that

You are lip syncing

And there comes the final note

But I gather some unheard

ONCE MORE shouts from audience


Why should devil have

All the sweet tunes?



Muneeb Tahir Saleemi is pursuing Bachelor of Honours in English literature and linguistics from NUML Faisalabad, Pakistan. He us certified in Spoken English, NLP and Applied Language and Linguistics.


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