Iffat Shahab’s grave in Canterbury Cemetery [Kent, UK]

Passing from Canterbury last year, I vaguely recalled the town mentioned in Shahab-Nama, Qudratullah Shahab’s Autobiography. Shahab Sahib mentioned that his wife Dr. Iffat Shahab admired Canterbury as a place blessed by Hazrat Maryam [Virgin Mary] and wanted to be buried there.

I sent a quick email to Canterbury Council and received a prompt response, see below. As expected from the British, all records were kept in register in a pristine way with all details of Dr. Iffat Shahab as on record even after so many years.


Dear WK

I am sorry to have taken so long in replying to you.  Iffat  Shahab is buried in grave P-444 in Canterbury cemetery. There is a headstone and kerb surround on the grave space. I have attached a location plan of Canterbury cemetery which should help you to locate the grave.


Iffat Shahab, MD

Age 42

Died at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Date of Burial 19th June 1974

Grave No. P-444 Canterbury Cemetery




Lois Davis

Cemeteries Registrar

Canterbury City Council


Here is a photo of Dr. Iffat Shahab’s grave in Canterbury cemetery.


Dr. Iffat Shahab - Grave in Coventry

Dr. Iffat Shahab – Grave in Coventry



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