Dr. Javed Iqbal and Muneera Iqbal over the years

Academics agree that to comprehend Rumi’s life, it is key to refer to his son Sultan Walad’s writings.

In the same vein, to understand Allama Iqbal, it is imperative to look at his life from the eyes of his Son, Dr. Javed Iqbal, whose biography of Allama remains one of the key pillars of Iqbaaliat.

Dr. Javed Iqbal’s Apna Garbanchaak shed several interesting facets on Allama’s life, especially the spiritual aspect of his life.

In keeping view of circumstances of Muslims during those time, Allama advised muslims to embrace hardships to succeed, propagated glory over humility and power over love.

However, his life shows a little contrast as he was a loving father who could not bear the sight of blood and went unconscious when he same a lip cut of Javed Iqbal. As seen in our interview of Dr. Javed Iqbal, he amusingly narrate this story showing his father’s loving and congenial nature as well his relationship with Rumi.

Allama’s verses below sums it beautifully:

Diya Iqbal Ney Hindi Musalmano Ko Souz Apna
Ye Ek Mard-e-Tan Asaan Tha, Tan-Asanon Ke Kaam Aya

Iqbal has shared his passion with Indian Muslims

He was a easygoing men, but gave (strength) to his easygoing people countrymen.

Muneera Iqbal (later Muneera Salahuddin after wedding) was too young to remember much of his father. But she recalls that Iqbal on the last night of her life let her sleep in his bed as he thought he may not witnessed the day after. Muneera also remembers her father’s affectionate nature.

Below are few photo of Dr. Javed Iqbal and Muneera Iqbal [Muneera Salahudin] from their childhood, midages, and elderliness.




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