The Shores – Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan

The Shores – Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan [Intermediate Part II]


Along the feathered edge
A red sun sets.

Waves swirling onto shores,
Pearl white memories of your air
Tremor viciously into
The empty mind,
Soul succumbs to moisture
Of beach sand which embraces
My feet into its body,
Thoughts are deterred by mist
Of the lonely sea.
The wading birds
See as I give in
To darkness which prevails
Within me,
Love leaves the impression as
Waves swirl to shore
Idyllic radiance of your eyes
Becomes a timeless memory,
Old candles of love
Long extinguished re-light
But the lungs dry up and
My breaths are numbered.


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