19 Occasions when Pakistani mind stops working

19 Occasions when Pakistani mind stops working


The mind is a symbol of life, we remain alive as long as our mind keeps on working. But when it comes to Pakistani nation, it forgets that it is THE MIND and its function is to think, to react and to convey orders to rest of the body. We the Pakistani have such supernatural powers that we can even ask the brain to stop working for some particular time. Or take it in this way, sometimes, we do such WONDERFUL things that our brain stop working as a protest. Here are the different occasions when the mind of a normal Pakistani person stops working for at least few seconds.


1. When You Saw your Question Paper after whole Semester eyashi

Students here in Pakistan love the cafeteria more than the classroom. They are expert in wasting their time and find new ways of enjoyment. And when they saw their question paper, their mind just stop working.



2. When your Wife asks you about her Birthday Gift

Imagine you are coming back to home from work and your wife told you that tomorrow is her birthday, what gift you are going buy for her…. Mind Stop Working.



3. When Your Crush Calls You Bhai

You have done everything to impress here and you think you are almost there and suddenly she calls you Bhai, Ahhhh so heartbreaking.



4. When You See Your Ex With a Better Hunk Than You

There is absolutely no chance that you see you Ex with a better guy and your mind didn’t stop working



5. When Your Friend Get a Job & You are Still Jobless

If your best friend gets a new job and he knows you are still jobless, he will definitely call you to give this Good News, the first reaction came into your mind will be… wait a minute, your mind will stop working.



6. When you Lands in the Office

The mind of a common Pakistani is such a wonderful thing that it stops working immediately as soon it lands in the office. The situation can become even more worst if you are married.



7. When Waiter Informs You, There is No Wifi in the Restaurant

How does it feel when you go to a restaurant primarily for selfies and Facebook check ins order to impress your friends but the waiter informs you, Sorry Sir…



8. When You Go to Washroom for Smoking & Father Waits outside

You spend minimum half an hour in the washroom and once you came out of the washroom, your father is standing right at the door and he asked, what took you so long, mind stops working



9. When Boss asks for the Monthly Report

Only the Sales guys can tell how does it feel and how does mind stop working when the boss ask to submit the monthly report.



10. When Phupho Came to Your House With Her Kids

Doesn’t matter in which part of Pakistan do you live, Phuphos’ are same everywhere and your mind literally stops working when you entered into the house and suddenly saw your phupho along with her 8 kids.



11. When You See Pakistani Openers Give 100 Runs Stand

Even the unpredictability of Pakistani batting is unpredictable. Once in a blue moon, Pakistani openers give a century stand, our mind stops working for a while.



12. Cell Phone Battery is low and you need to use Wifi

When you find a free wifi connection but suddenly realize that your cell phone battery is almost zero…Mind stops working


13. No Biryani Left at Wallima

When you arrived late at wallima and being informed by others that there is no Biryani anymore, mind stops working



14. When You are Doing One-Wheeling and Police Catches You

Because you know there is no escape from Pakistani Police



15. When you See Dr. Aamir Liaquat & Veena Malik doing Ramadan Shows

Pakistani media has no shortage of wonderful shock which can cause serious damage to your brain and it may stop working





16. When Your Siblings Eat Your Remaining Pizza

You go to oven to find your remaining pizza and somebody calls from the back, wo tu bhai nay kha liya hai…… and your mind stops working



17. When You Realize Both Ronaldo and Messi are Not Playing

You waited for the whole night for Real Madrid Vs Barcelona match and once the match starts, you realize that both Ronaldo and Messi are not playing



18. On Sunday Moring, Ami asked you to Bring Dahi

On a Sunday morning when you planned to sleep for good whole day but Ammi wake you up early morning and asked you bring Dahi



19. And Finally when Girl Hits You Back

You said something about a girl thinking you don’t understand but the girl responds you back in the same language




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