Inside the layer of time: Poem by Sana Fatima 

Inside the layer of time: Poem by Sana Fatima

Rubbish talks filled with boredom

Empty walks in spare times,

Times passes over things

Turning them from present to past.

Like paintings become past of a painter

And what is the past ? A Memory.

Memories are beautiful, painful and lovely

Much prettier than the present

Thought is more charming than truth

Like books are the memories of authors.

Empty walks, rubbish talks : all becomes memories

Beautiful ones and meaningful ones

Memories are cherished by the heart

And the heart is cherished by the memories

Memories are the pearls inside the shell of time.

The old fears, the old love,

All enhances, enlightens in the mind

As even the memory of a red rose is prettier,

than the actual red rose.

Palestine tapestry - Copy

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