Complete Pacify: English Poem by Elsa Ish

Complete Pacify: English Poem by Elsa Ish


Pacify me if you wanna seal me,
Le me get out from cage for heal me,
Abnormal maybe I am Cold heart lover,
Ain’t a monster like ‘annabella’ frozen.

Kneeling is it just you can glower frost,
Ice is becoming more dangerous frost,
What a coincidence make a heart flutter,
The page turn into fire to warmth frozen.

Nobody is going to attend my funeral frost,
Already killed me for selling ma ice to fire frost,
Ohh sis anna see me in your dreams heavenly,
Likely to attend my wedding for heal me sadly.

Across the night my visions are getting weak,
like piece of sold ice in my farm along with warmth fire,
litter flaws of hell dying in front of ma eyes frost,
Just I got ma match incomplete ice without fire frost.





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