Deadly Fight: English Poem by Iqra Jamal 

Deadly Fight: English Poem by Iqra Jamal

Mourning at his grandfather’s chest;
Pathetic, sorrowful & mentally stressed;
Three years old, miserable he was;
Crying continuously by taking little pause.

Surrounded by fierce wild hounds;
Staring the corpse full of wounds;
Storm of weapons and rifles all around,
Just an innocent dead-body was found.

Aggressive, heartless & brutal were they;
Who crushed the flower and created black-day;
Millions have burnt, tortured, and killed;
When the sympathy for humanity will build?

“Why does it remain unpunished to breach human rights?
When will the peace serve by ending the deadly fights?”




Photo by 30daysreplay Germany on Unsplash



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