The Song of Disquiet: Poem by Komal Raja 

The Song of Disquiet: Poem by Komal Raja 


You are like a soundless rain

As silent and cold as the winter blues

Often, I see you at my windowpane

There you gush like a murmuring muse


Bright are my days and nights dark shadows

I read and write whilst the sun stays in sight

When it kisses West, I undergo tornadoes

I hold my breath and call out to you in a fright


You lie there still, quiet and calm

Unaware of the turmoil and fire in my heart

At times, your appearance on dawn’s palm

Eases my agony like symphonies of Mozart


Your absence falls on me like a disquieting song

Composed by my phantoms of being headstrong



Komal Raja is an Old Ravian from Poonch (Azad) Kashmir. She is currently pursuing doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany. 


Munich Snow




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