Pakistani Banking Vital Statistics [1994-1998]

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During early 1990s Pakistan economy underwent massive changes in all sectors, especially financial sector.


There was a mushroom growth of private banks due to the deregulation and privatization of financial industry. Below are some vital statistics that show the number of banks during the years 1994-98.


Pakistani Banking Vital Statistics [1994-1998]


Number of scheduled banks45474646
Foreign banks20222121
Scheduled banks’ branches8400852385978040
Foreign Banks’ branches74838581
Pakistani Banks’ branches abroad124126122119
Deposits of scheduled banks (Rs. in billion)670.7696.7743.6839.9
Foreign Banks’ share in deposits (%)18.918.922.321.6
Advances of scheduled banks (Rs. in billion)413.8474.7552.5644.1
Foreign  banks’ share in advances (%)14.716.518.117.7
Total Assets/Liabilities of Scheduled banks (Rs. in billion)1647.61498.61616.61587.6


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