How to reduce fear among people in Pakistan: Written by Bint-e-Jameel

How to reduce fear among people in Pakistan: Written by Bint-e-Jameel

What is fear? Fear is an adverse sentiment that can destroys the personality of any person. I wonder why people feel fear, the question always arises in my mind, where does fear originate from?

We are a nation that has witnessed many wars in their history. Since last 75 years, our rulers have forced people to remain fearful. Although we live in Pakistan, a country with a strong army and one of world’s best intelligence, we as a national still remain fearful of various factors, such as inflation, financial worries, honour killings, disruption of business etc.

The question arises, how to get the nation out of this fear? The fundamental element of any system, any society is rule of law. Law is the main pillar, through which a society survives, and people make their lives stable and happy. The rule of law and order is pivotal for the confidence to the nation.

Those nations that mentally accept fear and thrive can never survive in the shadow of fear. Living in fear makes a person psychotic. A person becomes paralyzed physically and mentally. The most recent example is Palestine. For the last 50 years, Zionists have been oppressing the Palestinian people. However, when we see Palestine people, they are fearless in the face of oppression and calamities.

We live in an Islamic country, but unfortunately, we are divided into sects like Sunni, Barelvi, Shia, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, and Muhajir.  There are too many contradictions and philosophies in Pakistan. As Pakistanis, we do not raise our voices against the criminals and culprits because we have become accustomed to living like this.

The fact is that if we only fear Allah, we would not have been in a state of fear in front of a person like ourselves.



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