Allama Iqbal’s last verses from Javed Nama – On Rumi

Allama Iqbal’s last verses from Javed Nama is his last advice to his Son, Javed Iqbal. Javed Nama is Iqbal’s narrative of a spiritual journey he performs with his mentor Mevlana Rumi.


Iqbal, who called himself Zinda Rood [flowing stream of life] in this book visits places such as heaven, hell, Mars and other planets during this journey. He also meets souls such as Pharaoh, Mansoor Alhaaj , Mirza Ghalib, Halim Pasha, and Quratulain Táhirih [an actress who became influential follower of Bahai sect] and converses with them on meaning of life, state of muslims etc. 


Iqbal ends the book with advice and prayers to his son, asking him to hold on to Mevlana’s Rumi’s teaching and as that he will keep praying for his son from his grave. Allama regarded Masnavi of Rumi’s as Quran of Persian. Allama advised to his son remains true for all believers of Sufism, as below:


شرح او کرند اورا کس ندید

معنی اون چون غزال از ما رمید

People have translated Mevlana Rumi’s masnavi, but have not known Rumi
And we have ran away from its meaning, as a Deer runs aways

رقص تن از حرف او  اموختند

چشم را از رقص جان بردوختند

People have learned the whirling dance of body, but have closed eyes from the whirling dance of soul.

رقص تن  در گردش آرد خواد را

رقص جان برهمزند افلاک را

The whirling of body spins the earthly dust
But the whirling of soul spins the entire heavens!

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