Sorrow Of Sigh: Poem by Dua Kayani

Sorrow Of Sigh: Poem by Dua Kayani


My vacant eyes & blissful sky
Troubling breath & sorrow sigh

That memories that made me whole
Now it hurts & crushing my soul

Oaths that had done back years
Coming in my mind & turns into tears

That happiness that you thought as piece of Heaven & desires in it as Pearls
Now confusing yourself & make yours thoughts curl

Alas grains of sand are coming out from my fist
Making my heart broken & increasing the wrist

The spot from where you leave
Giving me the sense & deliver a believe

Hope for the best & ready for the worst
This is the mega rule defending you from curst

Ah ! My troubling breath & sorrow sigh
Waiting for rest and makes the hopes high


sad love ghazal


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