A Plight to Lunacy – Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan: English Poem

A Plight to Lunacy – Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan [Bs. English Literature. Semester 2, GCU Lahore]


Trapped in the microcosms of insanity,
I plead my way into oblivion.
All the world seems hostile
Where little sparrows spew
Acid from their beaks,
And small whales cut their
Throats out into the sea
There is no light at the tunnel’s end.

And the clouds now throw off
Their burdens on me, grinning.
My heart wants to write for you
But it can not seem to love you.

My neck bends down, like trees
And tears fall as ripe fruits.
I look for you to pick them up
And eat my love in thirteen bites.
But you are just a mirage
Sent by the forces of insanity.

You are not here to save me
But to join me, in darkness.
Yet still I search for a way out,
Through the thickets of despair
For a glimmer of light
In the hour of dark.

it is hidden in the sparrows’ song.


girl in poem

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