Allama Iqbal’s poem on Imam Hussain R.A. from Payam-e-Mashriq

Allama Iqbal’s poem on Imam Hussain R.A. from Payam-e-Mashriq [Farsi with Urdu & English translations]

Original Persian Text below with Urdu.

I long for arrows, spear and swords. I long for company of Imam Hussain [who battled evil and lost life, yet never surrendered].
See how I gather straw to make my nest. And then also see how I burn it [My passion is restless and forces me to keep moving and not settle down]
I am advised “Keep lips closed so that the secret is not revealed”
“I agree, but my lips long for Takbir, Allah O’Akbar [that reveal the glories of God]”
I am told “Whatever you are seeking, just ask”
I reply “I was to see and be face-to-face with my destiny”
Of my life, I only recall that it was a Dream
But the the meaning of that dream is what I seek.
Where is that glance of beloved that stole my heart?
I still long for the arrow of your eyes again.




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