Love’s Echo: English short story by Abdul Ahad

Love’s Echo: English Short Story by Abdul Ahad

Sam and Emily’s love story blossomed within the ivy-covered walls of their college campus. Sam, a gentle soul with a penchant for introspection, found solace in Emily’s infectious laughter and unwavering optimism.

“Emily, your laughter is like a melody that drowns out the noise of the world.” He told her.

“And you, Sam, are the calm amidst life’s chaos. Together, we’re in perfect harmony.” She told him.

Their bond had roots in their shared childhoods, both marked by perseverance and dreams.

Emily’s childhood had been a canvas painted with hues of determination. Growing up in a modest home with her parents and younger brother, she learned the art of resilience. Her father, a mechanic, had taught her the beauty of arduous work, and her mother, a nurse, instilled in her a sense of compassion.

“Sam, my parents taught me that love is the glue that holds us together, no matter the odds.” She told him.


Love Echo - Short Story by Ahad




Sam’s childhood was a story etched with the ink of passion. Raised by his parents in a world where books were his companions, he developed an insatiable hunger for knowledge. His father, a quiet man with a heart full of wisdom, had imparted the value of embracing life’s uncertainties. His mother, a painter, had gifted him the ability to see beauty in the simplest of things.

“Emily, my parents taught me that life is a tapestry, and every thread contributes to its beauty.” He told her.

But the universe conspired with a cruel twist. The laughter that once echoed through their lives faded, replaced by somber notes of sorrow.

“Emily, the symphony of our love is shifting, and I fear the melody will become melancholy.” He told her.

“Sam, even in sorrow, our love can create a hauntingly beautiful requiem.” She replied.

The storm clouds gathered when Sam dealt a heart wrenching blow a diagnosis of an aggressive and incurable form of rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors’ words were a chilling dirge, predicting a future dominated by pain, dependency, and unrelenting struggle.

“Sam, your body has become a battleground, and the war has no end in sight.” The doctor said.

His tearful gaze met Emily’s, the weight of his impending fate pressing down on him like an iron shroud.

“Emily, I fear I will become a ghost of the man you fell in love with.” Sam said to her.

Refusing to become a burden, Sam made the heartrending decision to sever the bonds that once held him and Emily together.

“Emily, I must release you from the chains of my suffering.” He said to her.

“Sam, love doesn’t measure burdens; it carries them. Let me carry this with you.” She pleaded with him.

Emily’s heartache was a symphony of despair. Her love for Sam remained unwavering, but she understood that their path was now veering into the shadows, filled with darkness, pain, and the relentless toll of an incurable disease.

“Sam, love doesn’t shy away from darkness; it brings light to the night.” she said to him with tears streaming down her face.
“Emily, my love for you is a whisper, but it echoes through every heartbeat.” Sam said to her and held back tears in a sobbing voice.

Sam embarked on a solitary journey through academia, while Emily remained anchored in the town, they once called home. Their love became a fragile thread, strained by the weight of his deteriorating health.

Years passed, and Sam’s journey intersected with Laila’s, a compassionate soul who saw beyond his affliction.

“Sam, your pain doesn’t define you; it merely adds depth to your story.” Laila said to him.

Laila’s childhood had been a tapestry woven with threads of empathy. Growing up in a close-knit family of doctors, she imbibed the importance of healing hearts and bodies alike. Her brother, a doctor like their parents, had taught her that love’s truest form found in selflessness.

“Sam, my family showed me that love is a remedy, a balm for even the deepest wounds.” She told him.

Sam’s pain was an unrelenting symphony that played within the chambers of his body, a constant reminder of his fragility.

“Laila, each step is a battle, and my body has become a battlefield.” He said.

“Sam, let me carry you through the fight, our love as your armor.” She replied.

The weight of his condition bore down on him, an invisible shackle that seemed to tighten with each passing day.

“Laila, I used to run towards the horizon, but now I struggle to even take a step.” He said in a depressed voice.

“Sam, together we’ll redefine your horizon, one step at a time.” She said to him in a hopeful tone.

In the quiet of the night, when pain kept him awake, Sam’s vulnerability laid bare.

“Laila, the nights are the hardest. The darkness amplifies the pain, and I’m left to confront it alone.” He said to her.

“Sam, you’re not alone. I’m here, even in the darkest of hours.” She told him.

Sam’s dreams were haunted by visions of a life, he once knew, slipping through his fingers like sand.

“Laila, I dream of dancing through fields and climbing mountains, but reality tethers me to this bed.” He said to her.

“Sam, our love can be your escape, even if just in your dreams.” She told him.

Each moment of respite was a fleeting victory against the unyielding enemy that had taken up residence within him.

“Laila, the moments when the pain subsides are like stolen treasures, brief and precious.” He told her with disappointment.

“Sam, let’s collect those moments, string them together, and build a sanctuary of memories.” She said to him excitedly.

Through his struggles, Sam’s voice held a rawness that cut through the silence, revealing the depth of his torment.

“Laila, my body is a traitor, and each ache is a betrayal.” He said.

“Sam, your body might falter, but your spirit remains unbreakable.” She replied to him.

As his condition worsened, Sam’s voice trembled with the weight of his suffering.

“Laila, even breathing feels like an uphill battle, and I’m weary of the climb.” He said to her.

“Sam, I’ll be your breath when you can’t find your own.” She replied.

Amidst his pain, Sam’s love shone brightly, an unquenchable flame that burned through the darkness.

“Laila, my heart might ache, but it beats fiercely for you.” He said to her.

“Sam, your heart is a beacon that guides me through the storm.” She replied.

The day arrived when the pain surged like a tempest, threatening to consume him entirely.

“Sam, let’s take a moment to enjoy the evening breeze.” She ordered him.

Sam and Laila sat on a bench, the evening breeze carrying a slight chill. Unbeknownst to them, that innocent moment would change everything.

“Laila, your presence warms even the coldest of days.” He hugged her and said.

As days passed, Sam’s health took an unexpected turn. The medicine he had been taking, intended to manage his condition, had weakened his immune system.

“Sam, your immune system is compromised due to the medication. Pneumonia has taken hold.” The doctor informed him.

Sam’s existence was a harrowing ordeal, his body a battlefield where agony and torment reigned.

“Laila, your love is my sanctuary, a refuge from the storm within.” He said to her.

Laila’s tears fell like rain as she clasped his trembling hand.

“Sam, I’ll stand beside you, even in the darkest of nights.” She told her crying.

In his last moments, Sam’s body surrendered, leaving the realm of the living.

“Laila, carry the echo of our love into the world.” He said in a dead voice.

Laila gripped by an overwhelming sense of responsibility, haunted by the idea that her innocent suggestion had led to this tragic outcome.

Emily stood alongside Laila, both united in their grief, tears intermingling as they bid their last farewells.

“Sam, your love was a masterpiece, painted with heartache and hope.” Emily said.

Laila, tormented by guilt, whispered her final goodbye.

“Sam, your memory lives in my heart, heavy with the weight of what might have been.” Laila said sadly.

Sam’s story stood as a testament to life’s fragility, a stark reminder that even the brightest flames can be extinguished.

Sam once said, “Life is transient, but love endures through eternity.”

His unwavering courage and boundless hope became a guiding light amidst the enveloping darkness.

“In the shadows, love is a beacon that refuses to falter.” Said by Sam in his last days.

And so, Sam’s memory lived on, not solely as a tale of sorrow, but as a symphony of love, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. Restless nights were the price readers paid, haunted by the depths of his journey, forever etched in their souls.





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