Download Screensaver of Faiz Ahmed Faiz epic poem ‘Tanhai’

Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s epic poem Tanhai has inspired many artists such as Sadequain. It remains one of Faiz Ahmed Faiz most melancholic poems, since most poetry of Faiz sahib is belong to verse of romance and optimism instead.

tanhai poem faiz ahmed faiz with english translation

tanhai poem faiz ahmed faiz with english translation


Again someone has knocked at door,O’ my sad heart!

No-one, nobody, must be a traveller, will leave anyways for somewhere else.

The Night has descended, the cluster of stars has started to scatter

In the halls, lamps getting sleepy and wavering now.

Every road after a long wait has gone to sleep;

Dust of strange lands has disappeared the traces of footsteps.

Extinguish the candles, extend the wine and flagon and winecup,

Put a lock to your sleepless portals. Nobody, no one will knock at them now.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz., our favourite website with the largest collection of Sufi Music published a beautiful screensaver which is based is Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s reciting his Tanhai poem in his own voice. is proud to redistribute the screenshot below, with permission and compliments of The

Download Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Screensaver with recitation of Tanhai poem in his own voice. 





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