Are We Human beings ? By Subhan Abbasi

Are We Human beings ? By Subhan Abbasi

Are we human beings or animals in disguise of human? It sounds like a silly question, but it’s not.

There are a number of deeds that are belonging of animals but possess by humans. Murdering innocent children, raping babies, mentally torturing teenagers are not human acts. I can’t call murderer, molester a human being. I rather prefer calling that monster an animal.

Once I read somewhere a saying “Qiyamat Khud btay ki k wo kyu zarori the”, maybe I wasn’t enough mature at that time to comprehend its meaning but now when I recite it, I get a ache in my heart.



When I listen to news reporting about rape of a mother in front of her children on motorway, I feel a pain in my chest. When a news anchor report about a teen girl being molest by some elders, I sense my inner self dying. I feel like a helpless survivor in zombie land. No-one walks with a label on his head telling ‘is he a good person or bad’. That’s why I fear from everyone because I can’t classify my surrounding strangers into good ones or bad ones. I can’t imagine how a human can be this much wild, immoral. This desperately desire of intercourse is the belonging of animals that these so called human rapist possess.

We live in Pakistan, an independent country, but do we have freedom to walk in its streets safely? How we can be independent when we walk with fear in our heart. When my daughter asks me to go out to play, I lose in dilemma because I have this fear. The fear of injustice, the fear of harassment.

PAKISTAN got its independence in 1947 but people of Pakistan are still prisoners of mentally fear, where negative thoughts of being molest torture us daily. The increasing rate of rapes in Pakistan is not because of adopting western clothes, it is because of minds. It’s not about the dress she wore, it’s about the things he think. And we need to change this thinking .

There is chance for change and if we grab that, we can still stop human-animal transformation. The nation cannot be change by one individual but if everyone tries individually, we can change the nation. We can make PAKISTAN a safe place.

The changing is a long process but as G.B Shaw said “The progress is impossible without change and those who can’t change minds cannot change anything.“

That’s why I call every citizen of Pakistan to bring a change. I ask teenagers of Pakistan to create their mentality, to read self-building books to become the great. I ask parents of these children to discuss social issue with their off-spring to develop their mindset.




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