Pitch-Green Pigment of Mango leaves: By Sana Fatima

Pitch-Green Pigment of Mango leaves: By Sana Fatima


Underneath tranquil white luminous moonlight

Mild Zephyr flows beneath that ace, the sublime slatey silver whirl projected on the sky

Solitary standing static amidst the colossal black sea the three dimensioned pendant

Stagnant, immobile or perhaps gradually progressive haphazard meander

Embellished with celestial & ethereal crystal stones of psychedelic shades

Phosphenes or stars perhaps them both with the chaperone moon by their side

A green pedestal spinning round my face blowing my thoughts inside my brain

Fanning around my Asian bedding on a raw cement rooftop in a quiet alone summer night

The full moon high, an elliptical reflective glass molded round by some divine plight

Strongly nailed down on a moving tray in some empty void, another celestial sisyphus arise

Predetermined course of maneuver sailing across rich blue heavens every night

Bleached shaft transmitting across the nexus of delicate veins imprinted on the mango leaves

Acicular edged sharp leaves wide curled and stained emerald

Angelic magnificent white light divulging thy art unfolding thy truth through the micro-pores sprinkling deep green shine

The aphotic greenish substance packed inside the body of leaf swaying incautiously when the wind blows outside

On the fourteenth of Luna Oh to be a mango leaf dancing in the summer breeze under the full moon’s bright light embracing that sweet delight

An exclusive enchanted sight

A thing of beauty

A joy forever






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