The Mosque of Cordova (Masjid-e-Qurtaba) – Allama Iqbal Poem

The Mosque of Cordova (Masjid-e-Qurtaba)  – Allama Iqbal Poem from Baal-e-Jibreel

allama iqbal at cordova - masjid e qartaba

Allama Iqbal photo at Cordova – Masjid-e -Qurtaba

Masjid-e-Qurtaba is a poem Allama Iqbal wrote at Cordova Mosque, which is considered one of the greatest of Islamic monuments. Allama had a great reverence for Andalucia and great Umayyad General Tariq bin Zayyad, who led a handful of Arab forces via sea to invade and conquer southern Spain.

“Tariq Undulas key Maidaan Main” is one of Iqbal’s most renowned poems, which begins by the famous verse:

“Yeh Ghazi, yeh teray Pur-israr banday
Jinhain too nain bakhsha hai Zauq-e-Khudai”

“These Veterans, these mysterious men!
Whom you (God) has blessed with divine perception (to rule the worlds)!”

Below are selected verses from the poem Masjid-e-Qartaba with English translation, a personal favourite:

عشق کی تقویم میں عصر رواں کے سوا

اور زمانے بھی ہے جن کا نہیں کوئی نام
عشق دم جبریل ، عشق دل مصطفیٰ
عشق خدا کا رسول ، عشق خدا کا کلام


To perfect the stature of Love [or In almanac of Love], beyond our current era
There are many nameless worlds beyond our own.
Ishq is the breath of Gabriel, Ishq is the heart of Muhammad (S.A.W)
Ishq is the Prophet of God, Ishq is the Word of God.

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