“Once Visited a Graveyard” – By M. Talha Chaudhary

“Once Visited a Graveyard” – By M. Talha Chaudhary


Once visited a graveyard
A place quite deserted
Yet filled with people
Just like the world
Filled with living bodies
But dead in the inside

A place where many lie
A truth no one can deny
Truth of death which can
And will eventually come
Ending the delusional life
One lives in, one survives in

A place where on every grave
Rocks are stuck, names written
Of the relations so special
But long forgotten by them
This is the truth no matter
How sorrowful and heartbreaking it is

A place where one is alone
Giving answers about his doings
Walking around I heard
Some strange garbled voices
Voices of getting honored
Voices of getting punishment

A place which is empty yet filled
With presence of many people
But absence of humanity
One feels alone and anxious
With no soul present with him
Only dirt, loneliness and his deeds

A place which teaches a lesson
How many people are present
With you, living in this world
But no connection with you
Making them walking dead
Or lifeless souls roaming

A place from where one can learn
How to improve his way of living
For this will decide his fate
What would await him afterwards
Maybe he would get rewarded
Maybe he would get punished




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