The Lone Warrior: Poem from Kashmir by Subzar Ahmad

The Lone Warrior: Poem from Kashmir by Subzar Ahmad


We have lost the charm of day

The risen sun has set midday

Besides the drowning ship of Mir

A gloom of faith has struck in way


Many have tested you for the times of breach

Saying that you have betrayed them far

Docile soul has proven it wrong

Forcing the tyrant  to go for a war


As we slept under the shadows of net

Knowing that morning is a commoner

Testing the ics of phone was done

In vain did it go within the signal-less air


Y thy fear in the ranks of men

Spade the soil to burry away them

Never they answer the reasons of death

A mixture of lies is all they breath


Halt the procession to mark an end

Curfew imposed round the towers of fame

Legal rights denied under the threat of hand

A lost funeral marked the end of game


Thy r enjoying the departure of crown

Believing a way out to bring us down

Fools are they never knew the zeal

Burning hearts always blast the seal


Will rise from the ghouls of death

The generation of birds will know the truth

Thy then will fly above the showers of rain

And culminate the tyrant’s rule in pain.


Subzar Ahmad is a poet and researcher from Kashmir. 




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