Surkh Teer: Ishtiaaq Ahmed’s 4 Jasoosi Novels

Surkh Teer Ishtiaaq Ahmed Jasoosi Novels

Surkh Teer Ishtiaaq Ahmed Jasoosi Novels


Ishtiaaq Ahmed is considered as the most prolific detective novels writer along with Ibne Safi. While Ibne Safi Imran Series focused on more mature readers, Ishtiaaq Ahmed focuses on children and young adults. He mentioned in an interview that he always felt that all characters Inspector Jamshed Mahmood, Farooq and Farzana existed in his mind right from his first novel.


Back in 1990s, his Khaas numbers were eagerly awaited by the fans of mystery solving genre. Although he remain controversial for including hate speech against minorities and Ahmedi community, his mystery plots remain intelligent and intriguing.

Below is 4 novels from Inspector Kamran Mirza series




Ishtiaaq Ahmed Novelist

       Ishtiaaq Ahmed – Pakistani Author




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