Pakistan Writers Club honors eminent Journalist Ijaz Ahmed Tahir Awan

Pakistan Writers Club honors eminent Journalist Ijaz Ahmed Tahir Awan By: Aymen Zaheer

Pakistan Writers Club (aka: PWC) and members of its Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) is an organization of the Pakistani expatriate writers, poets, artists, and journalists.

In the capital of Riyadh, Pakistan Writers Cub (PWC) and members of Ladies Chapter (PWC-LC) hosted a gathering session in the honor of Senior Most and Outstanding Journalist Ijaz Ahmed Tahir Awan.


Audience Photo

The participants from different walks of life were present and enlivened the program. The program included recitals of poems and speeches.

Zubair Bhatti – General Secretary of PWC – kicked off the event and briefed the audience about the purpose of this get-together. The program was presided by President Naveed-ur-Rehman and attended by many extinguished guests.

The proceedings of the program got underway with the recitation of Holy Quran by Zubair Bhatti and melodious Naat by Abid Shamoon (a senior and famous journalist).

Starting with the President Naveed-ur-Rehman, he spoke very highly about the services rendered by Ijaz Awan. He considers him an influential figure in the world of journalism and a rationally charged person. He added that the pen of a journalist is just like a fruitful tree, and I greatly admired such journalists who are dedicated to truth and Ijaz Awan is one of them.

Zubair Bhatti expressed his feelings in his own poem satire and get round of applause from the audience.

All the guests / participants also shared their views in which Prof. Azmat Bhutta, Dr. Tazeem Hussain, Athar Moin, Gohar Rehman, Mubashar Anwar, Majid Moiz, Malik Irfan Ali, Waleed Ijaz and many other paid homages to Ijaz Awan for his journalism work and showcase Ijaz remarkable efforts in the field of journalism and regarded him as a great source of inspiration for everyone.

Addressing the program, Guest-of-Honor, Ijaz Awan praised the efforts of PWC and LC for arranging such a fruitful gathering. He mentioned that today I considered myself very blessed to be a part of this program and I am fully pleased to hear such a wonderful and memorable feeling from this lovely audience.


In this program, Dr. Tazeem Husaain and Majid Moiz were introduced as a new member of PWC and they were warmly welcomed by PWC President and other participants.


Memento Shield Awarded to the Chief Guest


PWC President Naveed-ur-Rehman wrapped up the program. He thanked Ijaz Awan for gracing the occasion with his august presence. He also thanked each participant of this program one by one.

At the end, a memento shield was awarded to Ijaz Awan in recognition of his excessive services in the realm of journalism. The program concluded on a happy note with a high tea.


Aymen Zaheer is a Deputy GS and PRO of Pakistan Writers Club. He can be reached at



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