Malaysian Management Style: Brief Overview

malaysia business culture

                                                                     Malaysia Business Culture


In the changing times for the far eastern economies only one country has performed a task that is truly commendable in the real sense. The Malaysian organization has a structure that is quite well structured. The authority is well defined in the Malaysian organization. The current article is about an interview with Datuk Dr Tenku Azzman Shariffadeen, President of MIMOS, the governments major IT quango.


What Dr Tenku thinks about the Malaysian organization is that the Malaysian organization is quite orthodox in nature. The Malaysian organization is not innovative in nature. The organizations are hierarchical in nature. This hierarchical nature of the organization in the Malaysian organization makes the structure quite inflexible in the current changing environment.


Today is the information age and the more the rate of changing technology the more the need for a Flexible organization. Such an organization in today’s environment is highly flat structured and is more like an organ, a biological organism. It wouldn’t behave the normal way we expect an organization to Behave.


Malaysia has culture rather a tradition of accepting change; Malaysia is not the construe that started The industrialization in the present age, therefore they don’t regard the traditions associated with the development of their country.


The teamwork is innately present in the Malaysian culture it is not a concept that has been imposed on the Malaysian people, in the same way as it has been imposed on the people in the west.



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