“Bye Bye Quarantine” – Article on Coronavirus by Rabia Yasin

“Bye Bye Quarantine” – Article on Coronavirus by Rabia Yasin

This was my last sentence that I said when I got the news of reopening of the Universities from 15th September.
Although we had a general idea that they are going to open the universities someday but well I would say that no one’s ready for it to get opened this early/late may be because we created this scenario in our subconscious minds that oh let’s wait until coronavirus vanishes and than the universities might call us.

But alas nothing happens as you wish and the universities are going to open from tomorrow!

As I belong to a medical university so almost we completed all the syllabus by taking help from the online classes (Cries as I googled a lot of stuff before actually studying) though some of these classes were really good too.



Well, overall it was a different experience as in my whole life I never faced a pandemic this serious (Perks of being a 90s kid) although it made me realize the you should always enjoy the good times especially make the most of ‘present’ because past is no longer there as well as future too doesn’t exist right now so enjoy the present and be happy, right.

Well, besides this quarantine study era some people developed new hobbies like acing at vlogging, blogging or reading while some people spent this quarantine time in watching new block buster movies and breaking all the previous records of watching movies.

While some people like me utilized this quarantine time in participating in competitions like writing essays or poetry writings etc.

Since life is unpredictable so I learned from this quarantine time that life never works in a repetitive way as life isn’t a car that needs to be travelled on the road and couldn’t fly. Life is more than a car, it’s your enthusiasm everyday that moves you closer towards your goals, it’s that energy which motivates you to do better and improve, it’s like a raw material that no one can mould except you.

So live your life happily!



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