Is the Youth of Pakistan distracted? By Samar Fatima

Is the Youth of Pakistan distracted? By Samar Fatima


Youth are associated with fresh ideas and Pakistani youth are talented enough to solve any problem. However, our youth has lost that flame which can burn down all the obstacles on their path. The reason may be some distractions of our modern era.


Distractions in a sense that you are going to a store to a pair of shoes but there in the store before buying your shoes you start picking up some unnecessary items that you don’t need. Distractions are beautiful watches, studs, hairbands pins and many more accessories. People who have a mind setup will go to store, have a look to all those things but buy shoes and then back to home, may be such people write these items in their wish list to buy them for the next time. Hope you get what I meant by distractions.


Coming back to the Pakistani youth, the segment that is most distracted are students. Students need only to study and forget paying attention to useless activities but there two situations. One is: student is hardworking and he has done his homework and all assignments. Now he wants to take some rest and just relax. For relaxation mobile phone is mostly used now a days. He is planned to use for an hour. Now let’s have a look what he does? First youtube is open some funny videos are seen, then down the playlist songs are suggested, some motivational stories are also suggested all are listened and half an hour is passed then move to facebook, checking Newsfeed half an hour passed. He will not stop because he is enjoying it. Sudden a link to instagram is opened and here an hour is wasted. By scrolling this app to that almost on average two hours are just wasted.


Let’s have a look to other student who is not hard working and has no work done. He did the same and wasted time. All these app are the source to income to others and if you have no benefit from them why are you using it? If you have some queries and you think you will find a solution online, you search it but after that you engage in using it aimlessly, these are distractions.


I am not anti-social person but I mean to say is there should be some time limit do not just go mad after these things. These are interesting today but tomorrow these will not help you when you need them. No celebrity is going to make your life better although you follow them in every footstep. One thing for youth that they should always keep in mind is be self made, never wait for others to take steps to make your life valuable. People are well wishers but everyone has their own problems. Pakistan can make a good impression to the world only when our youth will stop distracting from useless things.


Mostly people have perspective that we should be aware of everything, we should use social media, they are right too. What my point of discussion is never waste your precious time while using them, just give social media half an hour a day, you will get all the important things but using it all the time and have no time for studies, for your parents and for your loved ones is a kind of bad thing. Don’t just dig a hole to keep you and your phone in it and you are unaware of the people sitting beside you.


A look on hostel students made me able to have a close look at distractions. Their routine is getting up for class at 8 o’clock with their phones fully charged, they may miss the books at hostel but mobile phones is never missed even not by chance. Takingclasses from 8 to 3 is really tough but they made it enjoyable during every lecture by handsfree in their ears and chit chat with friends. Its 3 o’clock and time to go back to hostel, taken lunch now rest, rest with mobile phone from 3’O clock to 2 at night or may be 3,4,5 till early morning. Students in hostel study rarely, they only love to eat sleep and using phones.




But there are some responsible students who make use of every second of their lives. They avail the opportunity of internet/wifi and do some online work, they seek help from best lecturers in the respective fields, also they work as tutor or do some online online job to help their basic needs. These people are the real game changers, these can bring a change to the world and student like these are needed for the welfare of Pakistan. Here questions raises that we are not mature enough to reflect back these distractions and we wanted a solution on it? I can suggest solution.


To all, first of all make your mind that you can control yourself, you are only one who can stop yourself from doing unnecessary things, make your aim and make strategies to make yourself , your parents and your country proud. There are many stones on the way to progress: its up-to you either you make a castle out of these stones or get yourself hurt. Distractions will always be there because if it were easy to make a good name in this World everyone would be at the peak of fame. The dogs are always barking it is up to you either you run away from them or wait for them to get hurt.


There are many videos on how to cope with distractions, by listening this you will enjoy social media and also learn from it, this is how distractions can be turned into perfections. It is said that “destroy what destroys you”, means if you think you are distracted when use social media apps, use them for your benefits and then distractions will be no more. This is how bad things are turned into good things only by a little positive thinking.



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