Life was meant to be this way: By Rafiya Kamran

Life was meant to be this way: By Rafiya Kamran

Once upon a time, I was a toddler. A genuinely happy child who used to run around the corners of house laughing and giggling. My laughter was the lantern to the house. You were also a child once, like me. The times when we used to get happy over small things and kind acts were our normal routine. When mother used to lull us to sleep, when father used to buy us toffees at the end of the day as a reward for living the day successfully.

But then one thing happened, Life happened. Time flew- needles of the clocks gained speed. A tiny explosion of time and we became adults. We, Me, You- grew up.

Now I often take a long walk on empty streets, my long overcoat shines under the silver moonlight, headphones cover my ears, my hands in pocket and eyes fixed high above the dark deep black sky. Such walks remind my of the days when my smiles were real.

“Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.” — Tom Stoppard

My father no more brings me toffees now, he became a star on the sky, a twinkling star at which I stare every night. My mother doesn’t sing me lullabies, she took the responsibility of a father so she is always busy.

I place my head on raw earth, in sujood I cry. When I failed to get good from mortal world, I went to the doorstep of God. There I found peace. From soil I got my answer ; Life was meant to be this way.

Everyone is tested, different ways but same phenomenon.

We all were once toddlers, back then we had no reason to laugh yet we laughed. Now we want to laugh so we look for reasons to laugh. If we fail to find reasons, we have to create the reasons because life will remain this way, it has always been this way.




Rafia Kamran



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