Why our cars can be hacked by cyber-criminals to create global havoc

car hacking

car hacking

According to New York University academic researchers, cars are the latest weakest link for exploit for cyber criminals. Malicious hackers can hack into car computers to steal them, fiddle with their breaks, or turn off the power steering.

This is not the first time when academics have warned the automobile industry that their car software remains extremely insecure to exploits in the real world.

Contrary to mobile phones and smart TV which are automatically updated by the manufacturers and well reviewed for loopholes, car updates are hard and very infrequent.

Most cars manufactured after 2005 have computer software which often required security updates, however very few car holders actually get it updated since it is only done by original manufacturer or authorised  dealers, who often rip off customer for such updates.

Although for older used vehicles, it is quite difficult to update them on an annual basis, it is still prudent to keep an eye on car news in media for any software vulnerabilities.

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