Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd – Analysis of Market Segments

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Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd – Analysis of Market Segments


With its marketing approach of being the CCBPL in Pakistan views the age of 13 to 25 group as its prime market. Pakistan with its rapidly growing population offers a promising prospect to the company. Population of Pakistan is increasing with an average growth rate of 2.82% as compared to the growth rate of 3.10% in the 80’s*.With the Pakistani population increasing at around 3.0% annually, this means that the target market segment of CCBPL is rapidly expanding. The largest growth rate is among the age bracket of 13-25 and according to statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of statistics Pakistan this single age bracket constitutes around 30% of the total population*.This clearly reveals the tremendous potential this single market segment holds for CCBPL




.Although most of the company’s marketing policies and efforts are directed towards the above mentioned age bracket it cannot however neglect another segment of the population which though is invisible but holds the key to the future of CCBPL. This age bracket is the age 8-13 group, the tomorrow’s 13-25 group.Statistically this bracket single handily holds 13%of the overall population of the country population and provides an opportunity of long term investment for CCBPL. Thus CCBPL does not only  consider maximizing its short term revenues but also considers its stay in the market be firm and healthy for the future to come.




Though we cannot say that soft drinks are not popular among the rural citizens of Pakistan, the availability of traditional substitutes like lassie (a traditional drink from Punjab) and rao (sugar cane juice) offers a tough competition to coke. These traditional drinks are not only cheaper they are also thought to be more thirst quenching in the summer heat of the plains than the carbonated water. Restricted availability of the rural areas due to poor infrastructure and communication is another reason why this vast market is mostly uncovered. Because of this reason the growing trends of urbanization is another opportunity for all soft drink manufacturers. Urban population now constitutes 35% of the total population of the country*. The migrating families not only have a comparatively higher income but are also eager to adopt to the new city life. This is where coca cola can jump in and expand its operations.




Very similar to the rapid urbanization is the trend of internal migration in the country. Generally speaking the larger part of the Pakistani population is concentrated in a few large cities. Exploding Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad are few examples of this trend. According to one study about 15-20% of the population in the largest five cities of Pakistan. This surely reveals an easy access to an expanding target market for any organization. CCBPL has by no means neglected these cities but is currently chalking out  a program to increase the accessibility of its product in these highly populated areas of Pakistan.




Another rapidly expanding market that coca cola can and should target are the minorities in Pakistan. Due to various reasons this market is experiencing slightly higher population growth rate than any other segment. The minorities including Christians, Parsies, Hindus etc. are more inclined to drinks like coca cola, Pepsi etc. Many foreigners also prefer coca cola to Pepsi due to its higher fizz and slightly less sweeter taste. This gives coca cola an added advantage and thus a greater incentive to expand its production.




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