Amrita Pritam’s Autobiography ‘Raseedi Ticket’- Book Review and Download

raseedi ticket by amrta pritam


Famed for her poignant poem Ajj Akhan Waris Shah Noo, Amrita Pritam remains the most celebrated female poet from Punjab. Her autobiography Raseedi Ticket is hailed by critics as the most candid and touching portrayals of Punjabi history, especially the 1947 division of Punjab.

Reading Amrita’s autobiography, the word to describe her writing style is ‘effortless’. She writes small columns on different topics, and never makes an effort to enforce a structure on her words or cleanse them. An example of such is her writing Aik Nazm Ki Tashreeh, a chapter from her autobiography below. Download Amrita Pritam’s Autobiography ‘Raseedi Ticket’ eBook in PDF format here. [Courtesy of [now a defunt website]


Amrita Pritam - Aik Nazm Ki Tashreeh-1





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