Stuck in a Quantum : Short Story By Nabeel Mazhari

Stuck in a Quantum : Short Story By Nabeel Mazhari

A New Day of a New Year, Rubbing my eyes, I bent to find my glasses, shaggy uncombed hairs poking my eyes. THERE! Found them under the Bed. I put them on, scratching my thighs I went straight to pee, washed my hands, looked in the mirror. Am I that Ugly, No it must be the lighting. I avoided brushing because of my Bleeding Gums. My Mum’s ready with the breakfast, gobbling up the paratha, I got dressed. I wore my usual Grey Distressed Jeans and Crumbled unclean white green striped Shirt. Slurping the water, I put on my mucky white Crocs, nobody could even imagine that these crocs were white once. My wallet was in my back packet, earphones in the front, phone in my hand, specs on my nose. I set off to my university, Jamia. It was around 20 mins from my place. I walked to get a Rikshaw and there I realized, I had forgot my Bag. I went home again, objurgated my mother which led to her crying. I took my bag and set off to Jamia again. That 20 mins ride was so tedious, I had to put on my earphones and listen to Lana Del Rey, the only pleasant thing that happened to me on that day. It was around 2 pm and I reached Jamia, showed my ID to the Guard. He let me in, I entered and died.


bird cage

Wooh! That was like the weirdest realest dream. Nice Day, I got up late at around 1.20 pm. Finding my specs is a real struggle, I should do something about it, ohh there found it, under the bed. Wait what, I felt it somewhere. I went straight to pee, washed my hands , looked in the mirror, avoided brushing and suddenly a thought came to my mind, I saw this all happening in my dream. This is not possible. It’s like that Déjà vu Shit or something. I decided to wear a different jeans and a different shirt for obvious reasons. I searched for my green sneakers and put that on instead of the crocs. I decided to wipe the sneakers but I forgot later. I took my bag first, checked all my things, said love to mother and set off to Jamia. I decided to listen to Taylor Swift. Well I reached at around 2 pm. I entered and died.


My Dear God, what am I stuck into. This is not possible. I got off hastily and went to my cousin’s. It was around 1.40pm. I got late due to the traffic and reached the place at around 2. I greeted him Assalamu Alaikum and he replied Walaikum Assalam. He, at that moment, took out a Gun and said “You are not allowed to be here” and there, SHOT ME!

What? What is this? Whaaaa, Whattt am I into? What should I do? Tell my mother? Kill Myself? How is this possible? This is not possible, Right? Is this Hell? I calmed myself, took a nice bath, put on my comfy trousers and a loose T shirt. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. I cried, repented, asked for help from Allah, Red The Quran. Prayed again and again. It was around 5pm and I wasn’t dead. I sat down and called my mother. Started telling her everything from the starting, she didn’t believe me at first but later I started crying, then probably she did. She wasn’t sure about anything and decided to call my father. He didn’t pick up the call. I searched the Internet but found nothing. We decided to go to a psychiatrist, my mother thought I had gone insane.
I was tired and decided to sleep, will go to the psychiatrist tomorrow , I said.


My mother woke me up, It was around 2 pm. I dressed up and told my mother to get ready but she rebuked saying “Ready for what?” I said for the psychiatrist. It came as a bombshell “ Psychiatrist???Why????” said my mother, I hurried to look for the date and It was 1 Jan 2023.
I died and I kept dying for eternities as if dropped in a Matrix with the System hanged on this scene.



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