GCU Lahore versus FC College Lahore: A Comparison

Government College University Lahore verses Forman Christian College remains one of the more formidable rivalries among academic institutions in Lahore. Below is a detailed comparison of two excellent colleges of Lahore for any prospective students aiming to do their Intermediate [FA/FSc].





GCU Lahore wins this one hands down. The reality is that no academic institution in Pakistan gives GCU any real competition when it comes to alumni. GCU Lahore’s lists of notable is endless, including Prime Ministers of both Pakistan and India, Chief of Army Staff, Nobel prize winners, Literary Giants and many more.

True that FC boasts notables such as Pervaiz Musharraf and Pervaiz Ilahi, but with such relative tiny list, it remains no match. Winner: GCU Lahore.



Following FC college’s return to it management, FC wins this one. GC’s adherence to traditions as well as archaic infrastructure hinders its from 21st century facilities, such as state of the art computer labs and modern library. FC has raised its game in modernizing its facilities including one of the best swimming pools in Lahore which truly shows. Winner: FC College. 

Campus Life:

GCU Lahore with a myriad of soscties and activities tops this one. There are very few colleges that provides you opportunities of extracurricular such as magazines, music, festivals the way GCU does. Winner: GCU Lahore.


Quality of Education:

Both places get strong competition from A-Levels (against their Intermediate batch) and myriad of Universities (against their Bachelors and Masters). Although GC and FC college now offer Business and Computer Sciences, NUCES, NUST and LUMS outclass both institutions easily. In social sciences, there is stiff competition from QAU, Punjab University and many others.

Student quality unarguably depends from individual to individual, yet institutions that are more selective to pick the creme a la creme of students creates a more competitive environment which improve the learning and grooming of overall student body. This remains a Tie between GC and FCC colleges as that both remain far from being a proper University that had established multiple renowned faculties. Winner: FC College. 



Location depends hugely on commute and personal preference since GC represents a neo-gothic architecture whereas FC college is modern in its outlook. Each has its own pros and cons yet GC central location gives it edge as its at stone throw of Mall Road, Anarkali and many tourists attractions. Winner: Tie


Careers Prospects: 

This varies hugely based on talent of individual, degree (STEM subjects have advantage over social sciences), expertise in advertised role, networking, luck and many other factors. If all these are equal in two candidate, is being Ravian preferred over Formanite? It depends on the interviewer but Ravian brand is slightly more desirable, mainly because of its Alumni that is more established in the job market. Saying this, the real competition is now from private colleges providing A-Level, who crush both GC and FC when admissions to elite universities both in Pakistan and overseas is concerned. Winner: Tie



GC Lahore wins the competition extremely narrowly. The gap between GCU and FCC had trained narrowed over the years and FC is an extremely close to defeating FC College in the competition. However, only for now, GCU has marginal edge, even if a tiny one.



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