The Right Place for Food Lovers: Burns Road Food Street: By Samia Saman Muhammad Asim Khan



Whenever we think about the food street of Burns road, our mouths fill with water. Despite a mushroom growth of restaurant in Karachi, Burns Road remain the most loved food hub of Karachi. It is not surprising that it is the busiest street of town too.

The street Burns Road derived its name from a British spy-doctor Mr. James Burnes although the street name was transformed to “Muhammad Bin Qasim Road” after the partition, still, the road had continued to relish its edge with its ancient name.

People who migrated from India to Pakistan they have settled over here and have continued their work in their adopted city. There is no doubt that they had immense expertise over authentic food from India and remain highly credible when it comes to enchanting food tastes.

Even after so much international cuisines they Karachi has to offer today, there still remain no match of Burns road food in Karachi as it carries many popular, exceptional gourmet cuisine in form of street food. There is a huge variety of local food just like Qorma, Sajji, Nihari, Chapli Kabab, Biryani, Haleem, Chargha, fried Fish as well as Matkey Waley Dahi Barey are the specialty of this street even now some hotels have introduced International food too at their place such as fast food, Chinese cuisine, Thai food, Singaporean dishes but most probably people with taste for real authentic food will chose Burns road food anyday for traditional dishes and drinks.

Whenever you pass from the streets of Burns road, your nose may definitely feel the fragrance of the spicy Tikka Boti and then the food cravings will begin in your stomach, even that souring smell will never let you go without eating that food.

There is not a single day that was passed without the crowd of food lovers at burns road many cafeterias are opened in a daytime but as Karachi itself, Burns road truly comes alive in the night every day there is a huge troop of eaters was seen on the streets and enjoying their favorite meal.

If your taste buds wanted to make your day honey and a sort of salty then you must check it out at Fresco a shop on burns road it is well-known for samosa, Dahi phulki as well as for sweets moreover the flavor of Dehli Darbar Rabri is incredible once you have tasted its essence it makes you say one more.

Burns road is the main station for all sweets and salty things. Among all food centers of in Karachi, there is no comparison of Burns road as it always stands on the top of any foodie’s list.





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