Jimmy Engineer paints Javed Nama – Dr. Allama Iqbal greatest Persian Masnavi

In the forward of Javed Nama, Dr. Hamid Yazdani, translator of Farsi Iqbaliaat, documents that Allama Iqbal had a desire to have his greatest Farsi masnavi brought to canvas by some artist, which will also raise the profile of artist since Javed Nama is exceptionally vivid and picturesque narrative.

Such task was performed by Jimmy Engineer, known for his painting of Pakistan’s landscapes and architecture. He stayed at Dr. Javed Iqbal residence to comprehend Masnavi first, since Dr. Javed Iqbal was most familiar with the context of the book and also a academic reader in Persian.

Below are his paintings, which depicts Iqbal’s meeting with Rumi, their journey to planets, heavens and hell, conversations with Mansoor Alhaj, Sultan Tipu, Ghalib and more.




Cover page shows painting by Jimmy Engineer, who was commissioned by Dr. Javid Iqbal to paint Javidnama, something Dr. Iqbal himself expressed wished for. It has been produced with Jimmy Engineer’s permission and my greatest gratitude, see here



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