The Dance of Autumn Leaves by Urooj Fatima

The Dance of Autumn Leaves by Urooj Fatima


The dance of autumn leaves,

Softly rustling in the breeze,

A symphony of colors,

As they gracefully fall to their knees.


The world around us changes,

As winter’s icy grip takes hold,

But the beauty of this season,

Is something to behold.


fall leaves


The earth begins to slumber,

As the days grow short and cold,

But the magic of the season,

Is a sight to behold.


So let us cherish these moments,

As we journey through this life,

For the beauty of autumn’s dance,

Is a fleeting, precious sight.



Theme of the Poem

The theme of the poem “The dance of autumn leaves” is the beauty of the autumn season and the fleeting nature of life. The poem captures the mesmerizing dance of autumn leaves, which symbolizes the beauty of the changing season. The poem also highlights how winter’s arrival changes the world around us, but despite the icy grip of the season, the beauty of autumn still remains. The poem encourages readers to cherish these moments and appreciate the magic of autumn’s dance because it is a precious and fleeting sight. Ultimately, the poem encourages readers to enjoy the beauty of life before it slips away, much like the autumn leaves.


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