Recruitment and Training at P&G, Pakistan

P&G Hiring Pakistan

P&G Hiring Pakistan

Recruitment, Selection and Training at Proctor & Gamble, Pakistan

Procter and Gamble has firm belief in the philosophy of  “promotion from within”. when ever there is opening in the sales management the person next in the hierarchy is given the preference if he processes the requisite skill and experience .However ,if no such person is available then the post remains vacant till either the person next in hierarchy develops the required skill or some other P.&G employee  comes to fill the post from any other company .


If there is an opening at the lowest level of sales management hierarchy then the HR starts employee hunting . In this case the internee are given first preference however , in case of non-availability of internees the Hr initiates a fresh hiring program . the hiring program consists of one written test followed by three interviews only after applicant clears all the stages he gets the privilege to be a part of P&G has a very low turnover  of sales management .


Although the selling and distribution function of P.&G is conducted by TSOs who are IBL employees however , to ensure the selection of best people the area managers in the coordination with the distributor do the hiring of the TSOs


Training of Sales Managers & Sales Force


The sales management function of P&G PURSUES A VERY ELABORATE TRAINING SYSTEM .However the training function is highly centralized and coordinated by the Training Manager in the HR Division. the HR is responsible for conducting the periodic sessions ,which are conducted by training experts who are P.&G employees. The area Manager and  the Account Manager are initially trained by the HR  in which the District sales Manager has no involvement. However, the training program are often pursued on the recommendation of the DSM. The Account Manager and the Area Manager are responsible for the training of the TSOs . thus in order the sharpen their training skills special “Train the Trainer sessions” are held. These sessions are addressed by the training Manager form the HR.



Once a new employees enters the P.&G  Sales Management function he starts working as a management trainee during this phase .He is made to work as a TSO in both Wholesale and the retail categories of trade so that he becomes the Account Manager  after 8 months of a rigorous training he knows ins ans outs of trade channels .the District Sales Manager coordinates the training of this management trainee himself. The training program includes both in –house (theoretical) training and on the field(practical) training .The Field training of the management trainee is followed by regular “feedback session”in which is supervising the fields evaluates  the performance of the trainee and gives him an overview of his selling strengths and weaknesses.



In order to update the knowledge of the TSOs on the selling points of various brands, a “sales team reference guide “”has been prepared which acts a cumulative product manual for all the P..&G brands being offered in Pakistan. However when a new brand is being launched or selling point of an existing brand is being changed special training session are arranged by the Human Resource department to ensure that the TSOs posses comprehensive knowledge of brands that they are selling .For example when P.&G recently entered the paper products markets in the Pakistan with “Pampers ”its sales team was extensively trained on the selling tactics to be used on this particular product line.


Apart from special training for the TSOs periodic “refresher courses” are held to be safeguard the sales force against erosion of their selling skills due to complacency. These  refresher courses are held on the holidays in the Hotel where all the TSOs of the region gather and are trained by the Area Manager on the business of selling such as


Objection Handling and Closing etc.


These training sessions are very interactive and sales force participation in the form of question answer session and role-play is highly encouraged


One interesting fact about P&G Sales training is the company ‘s belief in its in-house talent , which is the reason that all training programs at P&G are pursued by P&G employees themselves and no outsourcing is done in this regard.








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