Perfectionism Unveiled: Article by Zunaira Waheed

Perfectionism Unveiled: Article by Zunaira Waheed


Are you driven to attain an impeccable level of excellence in everything you do? Do you meticulously assess each task you undertake, ensuring it meets your personal standards?

In case you didn’t already know, you’re what’s known as a perfectionist. But is that truly a bad thing?


zunaira waheed


The word “perfectionist” has gained a negative reputation over time, being known as a toxic trait. However, when being a perfectionist means striving for perfection, it demonstrates a determination that some struggle to maintain.


The definition of perfection refers to the state of being flawless or without any faults. It signifies the highest level of excellence. In other words, perfection implies an absence of errors or imperfections, suggesting an unrivaled standard.


Perfectionists are individuals who ensure that they make no mistakes in their tasks and achieve the best possible results. They refuse to accept anything short of perfection. Their tendency to be critical means they scrutinize tasks more closely than others and are constantly striving to do their best. They pay attention to details and are likely to go the extra mile to improve their performance. Perfectionists are more inclined to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and come up with innovative solutions.


Their unwavering determination is a distinguishing trait that sets them apart from those who merely aim to complete a task without striving for perfection. They are willing to try as many times as it takes to meet their high standards.


In fact, Tom Ford, who has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, not just during his time as the Creative Director at Gucci but also through his own highly successful brand, credits his success to his perfectionist tendencies. “Striving for perfection has served me well.”

How could one disagree with him when Ford’s impact on the Fashion Industry has been remarkable?


While perfectionism can lead to the best outcomes, not understanding the importance of balance exposes us to the risk of burnout, excessive criticism, or setting unrealistic expectations. These can be detrimental to a person’s mental health. One must draw a bold line between healthy and toxic perfectionism.


Having confidence in your abilities and not fearing making mistakes are ways to ensure that you strive for perfectionism in a healthy manner and don’t risk your mental health.

It is evident that striving for perfection is the right way to deal with a challenge and the perfect way to achieve the best possible results. There’s always the risk of not achieving the perfection you desire, but when you’re striving to do your best, your determination and hard work lead to a performance as close to perfection as possible.


It’s crucial to keep in mind to give every task our best and continuously strive for perfection if only to receive an outcome as close to perfect as possible. Perfection may seem unattainable, but it’s the unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous striving for improvement that allows us to get closer to our vision of success.



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